Commercial Gutter Cleaning in Devonport Helps Prevent Water Ingress

Commercial cleaning in Devonport Tasmania

Debris collecting on the roof and in the gutters, left to build up, will damage the roof and guttering. If left, over time it deteriorates the roof faster. With regular gutter cleaning you are saving money because your roof and gutters will have a longer life span.

This build up prevents the guttering system from doing its job. Water can’t escape through the pathway it is supposed to so it finds other ways or it pools and causes further rust to occur.

Water leaking into the roof cavity can cause thousands of dollars in a commercial property. Depending on where the leak occurs, any stock that is damaged will need to be replaced. With that and the cost of repair to the building it is a far better option to pay for the prevention of water ingress.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning in Devonport
Potential problems can occur if you do not clean your gutters and remove any debris from your roof

With regular gutter cleaning maintenance you can prevent a potential flood disaster. This commercial property was having issues with water ingress to the back corner of the property, see the very first photo. It shows gutters overflowing with debris. In heavy downpours the gutter system can not handle the large amount of water. The water pools, allowing it to disperse through whatever means it can, resulting in water either in the roof cavity or the over flowing of guttering and down the side of the building.

Six months after the initial gutter clean.

The above photo shows the gutters six months later. Nowhere near as much debris. Maintaining a six monthly gutter cleaning schedule for this property will give the gutters and roof a longer life span.

If you are worried about your property due to large deposits of debris each year, call Gutter-Vac Tasmania on 1300 654 253. We can design a maintenance plan suited to your own personal needs.

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