Why we take before and after photos

Many of our customers ask us why we take before and after photos.  There is one very clear reason we do this and it is also one of the very clear reasons people get us to clean their gutters and that is …. Safety!

You are not going to get up onto a roof to see what sort of job we have done.  It just isn’t safe for you to be on your roof.  So we take a before photo and then also after photos so that we can clearly show you what state your gutters were in and then also what the result is after we have vacuum cleaned your gutters.

Customers are always amazed at the results we can achieve and just how effective our machine is and of course our franchisees and their staff are.

It’s not just our residential customers that love our before and after photos.  Our commercial customers love them too.  Especially when we are working with Body Corporate Managers and Real Estate Agents that need to report in to the owners of the buildings, they can use the before and after photos to show what we have achieved.  It also makes their lives easier as we can email the photos to them and they can do their follow up and checks as a part of their procedures without having to leave their desk.

We also do a lot of work for schools, the defence forces, nursing homes or retirement villages and large commercial premises.  So for the managers of these complexes it gives them peace of mind to be able to see first-hand what we have been able to achieve and how the work has been completed.

Whilst we are on the roof, we also do a roof inspection and will take photos of anything that we see that might need to be attended to.  This is usually broken tiles, but our franchisees have found bigger problems than this to report back on.  Just the other week we had a franchisee find a major leak in a solar hot water service!

The before and after photo.  It is a simple idea that our customers love.

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