Are Your Solar Panels Giving You the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Why clean your solar panels?

Dirt, bird droppings, moss or lichen and air pollution build up over time to make your solar system less efficient. Did you know that only a small section of dirt on a panel can make your system run at a reduced capacity?

Think about a car windshield. If left to sit, a build-up of dust and grime from the polluted air will layer over the windscreen. You need to clean it, so you can see out of it. This is the same for your solar panels. Over time the build-up of grime and dust and other sources creates a film over the panels thus preventing your solar panels from yielding energy at full capacity. It could be as much as a reduction of 25% energy loss.

Cleaning your panels also ensures that someone checks them for cracks, as this will cause a reduction in energy levels too. Cracks can be caused by hail or flying debris such as sticks or tree limbs. Debris that blows under the panels can get caught and become a fire hazard or a nest for pests.

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