“Top scoring Gutter-Vac gives franchisees a step up with lenders”

With finance a challenge for many small business operators, including franchises, Gutter-Vac recently submitted itself to a rigorous examination and report of its operations by leading independent research and reporting firm, FRANdata.

This report not only provided a detailed overview and description of the Gutter-Vac operation but also assigned an underwriting score to help lenders determine a franchise brand’s lending risk profile in the context of the global franchise community. Our founder Warren Ballantyne remarked, “We are delighted to have had our lending status recognised as “high performing’, the top category available”.

These reports are available to the lending community and approved lenders can request a copy of the report through the attached link. Please note these reports contain a high level of sensitive information so are not available to the general public.

FRANdata provided the following comment on completion of the report.

“We are pleased to confirm that a detailed Bank Credit and Underwriting Report is now available on Gutter-Vac to approved lenders. The report reviews and scores thirteen categories of significant importance to financiers.  On this basis, Gutter-Vac has been ranked as a “High Performing” franchise brand which should not only strongly enhance their credibility in the eyes of franchise lenders but also provide a clear point of differentiation in their category ”.     

Darryn McAuliffe CEO FRANdata, May 2017.

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