Get your flue/chimney cleaned when you get your gutters cleaned in the Central West NSW

Gutter-Vac Central West NSW are now cleaning flues!

Making sure your flue is cleaned for winter is important, and Gutter-Vac Central West are excited to let customers know that this is an added service. After talking with current clients, Gutter-Vac Central West found that flue cleaning in the Central West was in high demand.

Living in a cool climate where so many of us have wood heaters, it is just as important to source good wood that makes a difference in providing warmth, as it is to have a clean, working chimney/flue system. A clean, working chimney/flue system helps eliminate harmful gases and smoke in your home, and a blocked chimney becomes a fire hazard.

We work from top to bottom and because of the vacuum system, we create very little dust, which of course our customers love!

If there are any blockages in your system, we can work from the bottom up with minimal fuss. We all like to have a working chimney giving us the most valuable burn time from our wood!

Give Gutter-Vac Central West a call today on 1300 654 253 or 0429 223 443.


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