Something I love to see is the before and after photos of jobs done by franchisees.  Every customer receives before and after photos so that they can see the work our franchisees have done and very often, our franchisees post their ‘best’ shots to Facebook, showing just how amazing our service is.

Some gutters are overflowing with leaves in the ‘before’ shots, whilst others are full of mud and sludge and some others have like a mini-forest growing from them.  Just like a TV makeover, you then look at the ‘after’ shot and you see a nice clean and clear gutter, ready to carry that rain water away from your house!

The reason I love them so much is that I just simply can’t erase from my head the memories of cleaning all of those gutters by hand!  What a dirty, inefficient and ineffective way it was to clean gutters.  This is exactly what lead me to create Gutter-Vac and our specialised wet/dry vacuum equipment.  Vacuuming gutters clean is so much more efficient and effective for us AND of course our customers.

Not many people look up to their gutters.  Even if you look up, you may not know just how blocked and clogged your gutters are.  If you are unsure, why not give us a call.  Our franchisees can even take a photo prior to work beginning and many of the franchisees carry what we call ‘a camera on a stick’ so they can inspect your gutters for you and show you before they even begin work!

Blocked gutters can lead to overflowing gutters which can lead to water damage to your home – not something you want!

If you think it is time to get your gutters cleaned, then give us a call on 1300 654 253 or visit our website at

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