We Provide a Maintenance Program Service to Our Tasmanian Gutter Cleaning Customers

Do you forget when you last did a job?

Forgot to write on the calendar the date when you completed the task?

You have to go through piles of receipts to find the date when the job was last completed.

Well this is a thing of the past for our Hobart gutter cleaning customers.

We provide a free maintenance program service to all our customers. Once a gutter clean is completed, we record the month and time frame according to the plan agreed to by our client. Some jobs will be annual and some can be as frequent as every three months.

There are no limitations on time frames, we accommodate every customer’s need.

We then call our customers back at the allotted time to enquire if a clean is required. There is absolutely no obligation to have the gutter clean done at this time. If a clean is required, then we book a time or we organise for another time to call.

We understand that other situations arise over the period and it may not be possible for the gutter clean at that time or the gutters just don’t need to be cleaned.

This service is simply for you so that you can clean and forget and know that when it is time again we will call with a reminder that your gutter clean is due. It is up to the customer to decide on the action that is taken.

So why not use Gutter-Vac Tasmania, like our customer Ted of Hobart did. Be stress free and you will never have to rummage through your bills again.

Give Chris or Therese a call so we can organise your gutter clean today. Ph 1300 654 253

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