Meet Noel from Gutter-Vac Wyong & Lake Macquarie

Meet Noel Jago – the face behind Gutter-Vac Wyong and Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie. Noel has been operating in the Wyong and Lake Macquarie regions since 2016. Have a read about how he can help residents in those areas prepare for Summer, and what the best thing about being a Gutter-Vac franchisee is.

What areas does Gutter-Vac Wyong and Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie service?

Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie services the entire Lake Macquarie region from Charlestown in the North East and Cameron Park in the North West, to the bottom of the lake. Gutter-Vac Wyong services from the bottom of Lake Macquarie to Tuggerah in the west and across to Bateau Bay on the coast.

We focus on providing gutter vacuum cleaning and solar panel washing. We also perform ceiling cavity cleans, pressure washing and gutter guard installations.

How can Gutter-Vac Wyong and Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie help people get ready for Summer?

The biggest issue that we are currently facing in the region is due to the incredibly dry weather throughout Winter, which has left the bush in a very highly flammable position. Although the RFS has spent enormous resources in the last few months in back burning, there is still a very high fire danger for our region. Our region is very bushy and a lot of homes are close to the bush. We believe that getting gutters vacuum cleaned now will assist in preparing our customer’s homes for the bush fire season.  We not only clear the gutters of flammable debris, but we can also assist in clearing around your property and removing excess dry debris.

How long have you been operating your two territories, and why did you choose Gutter-Vac?

We have been operating Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie since February 2016 and Gutter-Vac Wyong since July 2016. We have recently hired our second employee to keep up with the workload to keep our customer’s gutters clean. Gutter-Vac was my choice for starting my own business as I wanted to work outdoors (only ever been an office worker), and actually meet customers every day. Having the flexibility to schedule my own workload and hours was a big factor in choosing Gutter-Vac.

What is the best part about being a Gutter-Vac franchisee?

Being a Gutter-Vac franchisee was the perfect way for me to start my own business, and has allowed me to work directly with customers and to resolve their problems immediately. Today I was called by an older lady that recently lost her husband and was now left with trying to understand how to do many of the things around her property. We not only unblocked her gutters, but fixed her garden hose, resolved a problem with her tank and provided some advice on getting the right trade in to help with some other items. She was extremely happy to not have to deal with those issues, and I was glad to be able to help someone directly.

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