Gutter cleaning less expensive than replacement

Sometimes we have customers that believe that having their gutters cleaned is a household expense, not a household investment and this is mainly because they just don’t understand that having your gutters cleaned is a preventative measure that will hold off having to replace your guttering by years if not a decade.

Why is this so?

Basically, when you have debris fall into your gutters, it will break down to form a type of sludge that sits in the bottom of your gutters.  This sludge is what will rust your gutters. Now we all know that as your gutters rust, they basically eat holes into your gutters so now your gutters can no longer perform the duty they were made for.  Once this is at a level of total non-functioning gutters, you need to replace your gutters.

Let’s look at the financial difference here.

If you had a standard, one level, 3 bedroom home, to have your gutters cleaned twice a year, it will cost around $500.

For this same property, to have the gutters replaced, it will cost you $5,000+.

So if for 10 years, you would pay $5,000 in gutter cleaning and to be honest you probably still wouldn’t need to replace your guttering at this stage.

If in that same 10 year period, you did nothing, never cleaned your gutters, then you’d probably have to replace all of your guttering every 3 or 4 years.  That means in 10 years, you would have already replaced the gutters twice at a cost of $10,000 and you are only a year or so off having to replace them again at an additional $5,000.  Ouch!

The other point here is we have only talked about the gutters.  What if in that 10 years when you did nothing and your gutters got blocked or were leaking, the possible extra damage to your home with water damage.  What would the cost of that be?  What about the stress?

Then also, if you are not getting your gutters cleaned regularly, then you can end up with a pest issue because pests love gutters full of debris and sludge because it is a like a supermarket at their doorstep.  Eat in the gutters, live in your ceiling.

So next time you wonder if it is worth investing in gutter cleaning, then maybe you will remember that getting your gutters cleaned is a lot cheaper over time than getting your gutters replaced.

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