Another Hobart Gutter Cleaning Customer Happy with Our Service

“Simply Excellent! Highly recommend. Therese and Chris were brilliant. Great in their service, communication and reporting. Even after they had completed their job, their follow up and advice was much appreciated. Thank you.” says John of Sandy Bay, Hobart

Did you know that we provide roof condition reports and before and after photos?

If you can’t see onto your roof, then you have no idea of an existing problem until it is too late. By getting Gutter-Vac Tasmania to clean your gutters and solar panels on a regular basis, you are keeping an eye on everything else with our report. This report is free with our service.

We have had quite a few customers who act on these reports. Tiles move or lose the mortar around the ridge capping and you might never know until you have a flood inside the house. If only you had known. You would have only had the expense of fixing the tiles. Your insurance might not cover the claim if you have not been keeping up the maintenance of your roof.

Screws can become loose on colour bond rooves and have slow leaks into the roof. There could be debris sitting on the roof where an air conditioner or solar panel sits. This debris build up can cause the roof underneath to deteriorate at a much faster rate if not removed.

A wire may be loose on the antenna.

You may have a crack in your solar panel.

We can do minor repairs or advise you to seek other professional help.

We provide free quotes. Remember regular cleaning prolongs the life of your gutters.


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