Certified Franchise Executive

At the recent National Franchise Convention, I was accredited with my CFE – Certified Franchise Executive.
Now, I can’t deny it, I’m embarrassingly passionate about the franchising industry.  I’ve been in franchising for 20 years now and it has certainly changed in that time!
What is a Certified Franchise Executive?
This is a qualification that is awarded by the board of Governors of the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives along with the Franchise Council of Australia.  I had to meet many requirements to be awarded a CFE, including attending training programs, conferences and completing a fairly in-depth exam including a lot of the legal structures and codes of conduct of franchising.
Why did I want to gain my Certified Franchise Executive?
As I’ve mentioned, I’m passionate about franchising and I also want to make sure that I am at the leading edge of the franchising industry.  Not for me, but for my franchisees.  As a franchisor I want to do whatever I can to ensure that I can make Gutter-Vac the best it can be and that we are providing the best structure and culture for our franchisees.
I never forget that the franchisees are all real people with real families that rely on their Gutter-Vac business for their livelihood so I take this very seriously.  The franchisees are busy running their businesses so it only makes sense to me that as my role as the franchisor, that I go out and gather the information and knowledge of franchising and then bring it back to the ‘family’ for us to use and improve.
I’ve been on the state committee for the Franchise Council for a few years now and I’ve been honoured to be the President of the state chapter and representing Queensland on the National Board of Directors for the Franchise Council for the last two or so years.  Again, I see that it is important for us (Gutter-Vac) to not only learn from other groups, but to also share what we do and to contribute to the industry as a whole.
So yes, you can now see why I say that I am embarrassingly passionate about franchising and even more so about Gutter-Vac.  It is a great feeling to reach an accreditation that is internationally recognised for franchise professionals showing our dedication to achieving the highest standard of excellence in franchising.
Image:  Bruce Billson (Executive Chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia) and Damian Paull (CEO of the Franchise Council of Australia) presenting me with my CFE at the National Franchise Convention.

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