What Do Customers Say About Gutter Cleaning by Gutter-Vac Tasmania?

Chris and Therese took over Gutter-Vac Tasmania in February of 2016. These reviews have been positive and encouraging. They strive to always provide good customer service and be professional at all times.

The use of technology has won over the customers. They are impressed with the use of Google Earth to quote jobs. This frees up the customer, no waiting around or arranging times for us to come and quote. It is done in an instant. If viewing the job, they have a camera on a pole that can reach three stories high. It connects to an app that is viewed from the ground and saves the footage to the camera.

Customers are always surprised at the before and after photos sent to them of their gutter cleaning. It has helped interstate clients that have rental properties in Hobart or Launceston or anywhere else in Tasmania. They also like to receive the roof condition reports that are provided. Not many people get on their rooves and so it is very handy for them in fixing any problem or for just peace of mind. The Property Management clients appreciate Gutter-Vac Tasmania’s process as it assists their work greatly.

Another service offered is a maintenance program. Clients can be added to the program for a call back to remind the client that their gutters need cleaning. Life gets very busy and it is very easy to forget when a job was last done. Leave it to Gutter-Vac to remember. This is a free service with no obligation to have a gutter clean. Clients with trees and high foliage that fill the gutters more regularly, find this service invaluable as Gutter-Vac can come back at any time of the year, be it quarterly, six monthly, in fact whatever time frame the client requires.

This service sometimes negates having to have gutter guard installed. Gutter guard can be very expensive and can make the price of cleaning gutters very expensive. Clients should look at the cost of having gutter guard and the cost of a gutter clean for the period of their stay in that particular property. Then weigh it up against having a gutter clean on a regular basis for that period. Ask Gutter-Vac to help provide this cost basis for you.

When blockages occur or you have a bird or pest problem or you want gutter guard installed, Gutter-Vac supplies a product called Gutter Flow. Click Here to watch the video. Gutter flow is an economical product. It is cost effective to install. It can be used in troublesome areas only and it does not add much cost to the price of a gutter clean. No matter what gutter guard you use, the gutters will always need cleaning. So finding the least expensive but most effective way is Gutter-Vac Tasmania’s priority to their customers.

Give Gutter-Vac Tasmania a call on 1300 654 253 for all your questions and enquiries. Chris and Therese are more than happy to talk to you and help you with all your gutter cleaning needs.

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