Programmed maintenance for your gutter cleaning – let us help you this year!

Gutter cleaning is something that needs to be done regularly… even if you have a gutter guard in place.

On the first vacuum gutter clean for a customer, we will recommend how often you will need your gutters cleaned.  Generally it is 9 – 12 months, but if you live in a leafy area, you may require more frequent cleaning.

Sometimes if we are not quite sure how often you will need your gutters cleaned – especially if this is the first time you have had them done in years – then we can book you in for your next gutter clean and then come and ‘check’ first to see if they do indeed need a clean yet or if they can wait a little longer. 

We take before and after photos on every job, we hold our integrity high and we only clean your gutters if they actually need to be cleaned.  We would rather you as a long term client that we help for years to come than the quick immediate pay day.

Once the first gutter clean is done for a customer, we add them to our programmed maintenance plan. This means that we will notify you prior to your next gutter clean being required so that you no longer have to remember – or even think about – when your next gutter clean is due.

Imagine that!  Not having to remember once a year to get your gutters cleaned, we will give you notification that they are due so then you can simply reply with a ‘book us in’. 

Our customers love this service because it takes away the thinking and ensures the gutters are being cleaned on a regular basis so that they can remain clean and clear to do their intended purpose of taking the water off and away from your property. 

Forgetting to get your gutters cleaned can be a disaster because a blocked gutter followed by rainfall can cause overflowing gutters.  The water simply doesn’t overflow onto the ground, it usually flows back over the gutters TOWARDS your property, going into the ceiling cavity and down the inside of your walls causing sometimes serious – and expensive – damage long term.

So, let’s take gutter cleaning off your to do list.  Organise your first clean and then we will remind you for the others!

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