EnviroClean – What’s it all about?

Do you have a property that has a lichen, moss or mould issue?  On the roof or walls or even on your pathways?

We have been vacuum cleaning gutters for over 20 years now and we see the state of properties up close and we know the lichen, moss and mould are real issues.

Because we work on the roof and this is a safety issue for the general public and our commercial customers, they have been asking us if we could help them out removing this mould, lichen and moss from their properties and in particular from the roof because we can safely work on the roof and at heights.

About 4 years ago we started the process of creating a product that would remove lichen, moss and mould from a property. 

Why did we look to develop our own product?

Because it seemed that products on the market were all chlorine based and not environmentally friendly.  When applying a product to the roof, you must remember that with rainfall, it will wash the product into the gutters – and as long as your gutters are clean to do their intended purpose – this product will then wash through the down pipes and into the waterways out to creeks and the ocean…. Carrying the harmful chlorine based products.

We didn’t want to put more harmful chlorine based products into our waterways so we went to work to find a way that we could remove the stubborn moss, lichen and mould from properties, but one that wouldn’t be harmful to the environment.

And we did it!  We created EnviroClean.

It took a while as we wanted to not only ensure it is environmentally friendly, but that it would also get the job done!  And it does. 

We did extensive testing for over a year because some moss, mould and lichen needs to have EnviroClean applied and then it needs to be left to do its work over a period of time before you see the true results, so we needed to test all sorts of properties, roof types, levels of lichen and different areas of Australia and in different times of the year.

EnviroClean is now available.

You can use it two ways:

  1. You can contact your local Gutter-Vac Franchisee who can give you a quote and apply the EnviroClean for you.  We highly recommend this, especially if you are planning to treat a roof with EnviroClean.  Working on a roof with a liquid can be unsafe if you don’t have the correct safety gear.
  • You can also order EnviroClean directly from www.guttervacshop.com.au to apply yourself – ideal DIY option for paths and walls of a property.

Come to our website and check out the before and afters to see just what amazing results you can get with EnviroClean…. Without having to use chlorine!

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