Would You Know If Your Roof Was in Need of Repair?

Gutter Cleaning Hobart

Using Gutter-Vac Tasmania for cleaning your gutters could potential  save you money. We provide each job with a report and before and after photos.

We found this hole in the roof in the above photo. The client did not know it was open and what a potential issue that could have been in a downpour.

We found another property with an open roof. Either someone has forgotten to put the tiles back or the tiles have slipped down. This was quite an old roof and they do appear to have slipped.

Gutter Cleaning Sandy Bay

In this next photo we found the damage to the ridge capping in the corner. It was a two storey house and this could not be seen from the ground. We were called there because the client had an issue of birds in the roof.

Gutter Cleaning Hobart

So you see these are just three properties that we found issues and the owners were unaware of the problems. The roof tiles were a quick fix by us to slide the tiles back into place and prevent any water damage in the cavity or ceiling of the rooms below. We could not fix the ridge capping but the client had photos to show roofers and obtain a quote. Once fixed, her bird problem should be solved and no more damage or debris in the cavity.

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