Before and After photos + Roof reports

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Before and After photos + Roof reports

We would never expect you to get onto a roof to inspect our work after vacuum cleaning your gutters – and you should be either because that is simply unsafe… even climbing a ladder is potentially dangerous.

That being said, we like to give our customers peace of mind and also satisfy their curiosity of what was in their gutters by providing before and after photos of their gutters.

At Gutter-Vac, as we are already on your roof, we also do a gutter and roof inspection, notifying the property owner of any potential issues we find.  This could be from lose screws, cracked tiles through to leaking air conditioner units.  We have seen it all from minor to sometimes major things!  We have even found roof times that have shifted and left ceiling cavities exposed to the weather – which could be extremely damaging (and expensive to repair) to your property.

It is just one more thing we do to help our customers as we don’t want you putting your health and life at risk by climbing a ladder or getting on your roof to inspect our work or your property.  Whilst we are safely harnessed onto your roof, let us have a look for you and also provide photographic evidence.

Peace of mind and safety…. We don’t just vacuum clean your gutters!