Tiger Snake found in Cavity Clean, Happy Customer at Moorleah!

Cavity Clean in Moorleah Tasmania

We travel all over Tasmania to clean gutters, cavities, solar panels, pits etc.

This time we found ourselves at Moorleah. We had a cavity  clean to do. Old insulation batts to remove and then vacuum clean the debris left behind by the rats that had been living there. They had chewed the electrical wiring and we had to clean out the rubbish for the electrician to come in and rewire.

The following is Chris’s version of events to the other Franchisees of Australia:

“Okay so you mainlanders have thrown a few pics/vids of your encounters with a carpet snake in the gutter. I say to myself every time “Thank God Tassie snakes don’t hang out in gutters”. We only have three species of snake here, all three deadly and not friendly!

Doing a cavity clean today, tiny little cottage, hardly any room to crawl around inside. I decide it’ll be easier to remove the short gabled roofing to get access and remove the old bats. I pull back the sarking in the corner and hello a tiger snake is looking at me. He’s coiled and not smiling!

Drop the sarking, moon walk back across the roof to regroup and wait for heart failure. The worse part of this scenario is I still have to get back into the crawl space to vacuum a remove more bats.

A very tense few hours as I complete the job, no sight of Joe Blake. Time to re-roof. Come up the ladder and here he is in the eaves. Look at me as if to say look mate you’re starting to piss me off! He backs off, I retreat to the safety of the other side of the roof and attach sheets keeping a sharp eye on the eaves in case he was planning a sneak attack! After all I have just turned his nice warm home into an un-insulated not snake friendly one.

All is good, roofing all in place, no snake. Sitting down on the edge screwing down tin, get up and catch some movement in the old peripherals, which at my age are somewhat narrow! Look around and old mate has made like Elvis and exited the building. I manage to levitate two feet up and five feet back, my heart followed shortly after.

Apparently it was time for his afternoon stroll. I snapped these pics so if someone happened by in a few weeks and found me sprawled out on the roof they might figure it out. Snake slithers down onto the down pipe for the tank, then down into the large rose bush and off into the grass happy as Larry. I swear I heard him laugh as he disappeared.

Determined to get the last laugh, I remove his rose bush. Final score was snake 3, Chris 1 but at least I won the last round 😂

After all that we have some very happy customers.

“ Cannot thank the Guttervac Tas team enough. Thank you for travelling all the way to Wynyard. Chris arrived early and was hard at work the moment he got there and did a fantastic job, even soldiering on through after finding a friendly snake in my roof.”

Sarah and Anthony, Moorleah Tasmania
Cavity Clean Moorleah Tasmania

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