A roof can be a slippery place !

If you know anything about Gutter-Vac, then we hope you know that we take safety very seriously. 

A roof can be far more dangerous than what people think.  We see it all the time where home owners think that just because their roof surface is relatively flat and only a single storey off the ground that it would be a safe place for them to do a little DIY, but that isn’t the case.

During these winter months in particular, we come across a lot of frosts, ice, dew and simply wet and slippery surfaces.  Even with all of our safety equipment, some days even a simple roof can be too dangerous to work on.  In these instances we will use our ground workers kit to get the job done, because just a slight sheen of frost or dew can be hard to see, but extremely dangerous to work on.

With a lot of rainfall, you can also find that using a ladder can be dangerous because all it takes is for a bit of soft ground under the footing of the ladder and you could be in a world of problems as your ladder sinks or becomes unstable with your weight as you climb.

So for what may seem like a simple task, there are so many things that can go wrong and with changing conditions and weather, the potential dangers increase.  It really isn’t worth putting your health and safety at risk.  Leave it to the professionals, such as Gutter-Vac, that are not only trained to work safely in good conditions, but to also find the safest way to do the job when conditions are not perfect or even good.

Don’t risk a fall, give us a call on 1300 654 253. 

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