Spring Is Here and That Means Giving Your Home Some TLC

Spring is here, the blossoms are blooming, the bulbs are appearing and there is a fresh nip in the air.

What a perfect time to give the house a clean inside and out. Make yourself a plan. Give yourself time to do this work or hire the professional to do the work while you relax and reap the benefits of a freshly spruced up home.

Tasks that need to be completed:


  • Clean walls, eaves and windows of cobwebs
  • Clean gutters, stormwater pits and drains
  • Pressure wash or treat footpaths and driveways to clean up any moss or lichen from winter
  • Clean windows
  • Clean solar panels


  • Clean the kitchen; fridge, oven, wash over walls, tiles and range hood, clear out pantry
  • Clean the bathroom; wash over walls, remove dust and grime from exhaust fans, lights and skirting boards
  • Wash or spot clean walls, floors, skirting boards and windows
  • Go through cupboards and declutter.

Why not take the opportunity to go through the garage too? If you haven’t used an item and are unlikely to use that item why not make some money. Have a garage sale.

What is some one’s junk is someone else’s treasure.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!

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