Spring Is Here and That Means Giving Your Home Some TLC

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Spring Is Here and That Means Giving Your Home Some TLC

Spring is here, the blossoms are blooming, the bulbs are appearing and there is a fresh nip in the air.

What a perfect time to give the house a clean inside and out. Make yourself a plan. Give yourself time to do this work or hire the professional to do the work while you relax and reap the benefits of a freshly spruced up home.

Tasks that need to be completed:


  • Clean walls, eaves and windows of cobwebs
  • Clean gutters, stormwater pits and drains
  • Pressure wash or treat footpaths and driveways to clean up any moss or lichen from winter
  • Clean windows
  • Clean solar panels


  • Clean the kitchen; fridge, oven, wash over walls, tiles and range hood, clear out pantry
  • Clean the bathroom; wash over walls, remove dust and grime from exhaust fans, lights and skirting boards
  • Wash or spot clean walls, floors, skirting boards and windows
  • Go through cupboards and declutter.

Why not take the opportunity to go through the garage too? If you haven’t used an item and are unlikely to use that item why not make some money. Have a garage sale.

What is some one’s junk is someone else’s treasure.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!

Meet Brocq from Gutter-Vac Shepparton

Earlier this year, we welcomed Brocq from Shepparton to the Gutter-Vac team. We recently chatted to him about what exactly Gutter-Vac Shepparton does, and how joining Gutter-Vac has been for him. Meet Brocq!

Where does Gutter-Vac Shepparton service?

Gutter Vac Shepparton services a lot of the Goulburn Valley, Miora and Strathbogie Shires and everywhere in between.

What services does Gutter-Vac Shepparton provide?

We vacuum clean gutters and down pipes, chimney flues, solar panels, ceiling cavities, rain water tanks, remove insulation, and clean storm water pits.

Why should someone have their gutters cleaned regularly?

There are a lot of reasons to have your gutters cleaned regularly. It lengthens the life of your gutters and helps with fire protection. It also prevents overflowing gutters, which can cause major damage to the inside of your house. It also reduces the chances of bugs living and breeding in the broken-down debris inside your gutters.

How has Gutter-Vac been a lifestyle change for you?

I worked for someone else for the first 16 years of my life and never really felt like I was ever going to get anywhere, but now that I am my own boss, I’m really starting to feel like I have direction. I’m getting good rewards for the hard yards that I am putting in.

What would you say to someone considering buying a Gutter-Vac franchise?

I would highly recommend it if you have a good will to work, are a people’s person, want to be your own boss and love the outdoors, then this would be the ideal job for you!!!! Jump in with both feet.

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