Ceiling insulation removal

Last week saw Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie heading to Mount Hutton to clean out the insulation of a house so that the house could be renovated. Cleaning out the ceiling allows the builder to be able to pull down the ceiling without having vast amounts of insulation fall on them and spread throughout the house.

To be able to clean out the insulation, a skip is required on site to be able to place the insulation for later removal to a refuse site. Gutter-Vac Lake Macuarie used a remote drum set up to allow the drum to be as close to the skip as possible to allow for quick emptying.

Access to the ceiling was by removing tiles and accessing the ceiling cavity from the roof. In other jobs, access has been through the manhole but this is only possible if the whole house is to be renovated.

This job was about 70 sqm and took just under 5 hours to complete with 2 people on site.

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