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This month we have had a lot of requests from Real Estate agents for Real Estate gutter cleaning, which helps keep our small local business and its team busy.

Team Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie has been busy with Real Estate gutter cleaning since Winter, thanks to Real Estate agents like Ray White Toronto and Wangi; Altitude Real Estate Warners Bay; Raine & Horne Belmont; and Ray White Swansea.

If you’re a landlord, regular gutter cleaning with our vacuum cleaning system will maintain your property’s gutters – preventing your gutters becoming blocked, rusting, and costing a lot to repair. 

Real Estate gutter cleaning is also requested by agents when properties are up for sale. Gutters may have plants growing inside them, or in down pipes. If not repaired, this can cause a great deal of damage to the property and reduce the sale price.

Real Estate gutter cleaning is an ideal job for the team at Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie. Let us do the dirty work, and help you increase the price on your property.

We enjoy supporting local businesses and landlords, enriching the economy in our local area. 

Real Estate Gutter Cleaning Strata Complex in Toronto
Real Estate Under Gutter Guard Gutter Cleaning on Double Story Property in Bonnells Bay

Finally the rain has arrived in Lake Mac

It’s been a dry few months around the Lake Mac area, but finally we have had a few days of rain. This means that all that dry leaf and other debris is now in the gutters and could cause blocked gutters.

Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie had a busy week last week vacuuming gutters before this week’s rain arrived. They were busy in Warners Bay, Belmont and Mount Hutton.

Don’t leave it too late to have those gutters cleaned. Don’t risk the gutters being full and having water overflow into your home.

Give Gutter-Vac Lake Macqaurie a call on 1300 654 253

Gutter Cleaning in Charlestown

With very little rain in recent times, many people have not thought about getting their gutters cleaned. A recent Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie customer in Charlestown decided that they should get their gutters cleaned and requested Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie to vacuum clean their gutters.

We ensure that all roof debris is removed, vacuum clean the gutters and the valleys, clear the downpipes and remove all the debris from site.

Get Gutter-Vac Lake Macqaurie to vacuum clean your gutters, valleys and downpipes before water damages your property.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Swansea

A regular customer was unhappy that the expensive solar system they had installed a few years ago was no longer providing the amount of electricity savings they had expected.

A quick inspection of the panels whilst on the roof identified that the solar panels were very dirty with mildew growing on them. Gutter-Vac is able to clean solar panels whilst on the roof vacuuming the gutters, which reduces the cost of calling someone just to clean the panels.

If your solar system isn’t performing at its best, ask Gutter-Vac to clean the panels at the same time as your annual gutter clean.


Ground Workers Kit in Wyee

A recent gutter cleaning job looked simple enough on first inspection, but once the age of the terracotta tiles was taken into account, the home owner didn’t want anyone on the roof in case a tile was broken.

Fortunately for the Wyee property owner, Gutter-Vac was able to utilise our Ground Workers Kit. The Ground Workers Kit allows gutters up to 3 storeys to be completely cleaned from the ground. This means it’s not necessary to climb onto the roof or attempt to clean the gutter from a ladder, which is an unsafe practice and the cause of many fall injuries.

If you have a hard to clean gutter system or steep pitch roof, let Gutter-Vac use our Ground Workers Kit to clean your gutters.

Creepy Crawlies in the gutters at Cardiff

One of the scariest things for most home and business owners is having an infestation of creepy crawlies in their home/business.

Debris in gutters becomes the perfect environment to breed insects and bugs, and also attracts other larger predators which prey on those bugs. Think mice and rats. Once the rodents start living in the gutters and roof cavity, there are all sorts of hygiene issues to deal with.

By getting your gutters vacuum cleaned, you are removing the environment that insects and bugs breed in, and therefore remove the food source for larger animals.

Get Gutter-Vac to vacuum your gutters before they become a home for unwanted guests.

Industrial shed in Cardiff

One set of gutters that a lot of people neglect are the work place gutters. Whilst driving around an industrial estate, many gutters can be seen to have large amounts of weeds and grass growing out of them.

An overflowing gutter can create major damage to the goods stored in the buildings, and a simple gutter clean can help prevent this damage.

Our industrial shed this week was a timber yard in Cardiff, which enabled us to use our longest ladder. With 2 people on the roof, we were able to remove all the growth from the gutters and vacuum clean the gutters without causing any significant interuption to the operation of the timber yard.

If your workplace gutters need cleaning, give Gutter-Vac a call on 1300 654 253.

Ceiling insulation removal

Last week saw Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie heading to Mount Hutton to clean out the insulation of a house so that the house could be renovated. Cleaning out the ceiling allows the builder to be able to pull down the ceiling without having vast amounts of insulation fall on them and spread throughout the house.

To be able to clean out the insulation, a skip is required on site to be able to place the insulation for later removal to a refuse site. Gutter-Vac Lake Macuarie used a remote drum set up to allow the drum to be as close to the skip as possible to allow for quick emptying.

Access to the ceiling was by removing tiles and accessing the ceiling cavity from the roof. In other jobs, access has been through the manhole but this is only possible if the whole house is to be renovated.

This job was about 70 sqm and took just under 5 hours to complete with 2 people on site.

Preventative Maintenance

This week’s entry is about the importance of a regular gutter maintenance program. Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie was asked to clean out the gutters of a business which had another company clean them just 9 months ago. The business wasn’t impressed by what they saw growing from their gutters.

The picture shows how much dirt and growth was in the gutters at the Edgeworth business. If these were cleaned properly just 9 months ago then they will need to increase the number of times a year that they are cleaned. We have agreed to do an inspection in 6 months and based on the outcome of the inspection, a Preventative Maintenance Program for their situation will be developed.

The roof also needs to be washed to remove the build up of lichen, so Gutter-Vac Lake Macqaurie will be high pressure cleaning the roof in the coming weeks.

Gutter-Vac Lake Macquarie is able to provide both gutter cleaning and high pressure cleaning of roofs and paths in the Lake Macqaurie region. Give Noel a call on 0497 114 854 for a free quote.