A Website Feedback from Our Commercial Gutter Cleaning Customer

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the feedback survey form on our website, Uniting AgeWell.

We provide a gutter cleaning service to Uniting AgeWell in both north and south of Tasmania. We have added them to our maintenance program and we follow up at each allotted time to clean the gutters of most of the sites across Tasmania. This service means that the maintenance managers are assured of having the gutters cleaned on time and properly. They are provided with before and after photos and a roof report. The report helps them to carry out maintenance on the gutters or roof that they might at times miss due to the fact that they would not be frequently on the roof. They can rely on us to get the work done and to notify them when each gutter clean is due, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on other maintenance projects.

We have supplied and installed gutter flow to a few sites in Launceston. There are sections of gutter that fill with debris, blocking the gutters and down pipes, causing them to overflow. Installing the gutter flow allowed the water to flow freely and the debris to collect on top and then blow away in the next wind. We still have to vacuum clean the gutters every year to keep the gutters clear but now there are no overflow issues. In one complex, we supplied the gutter flow to the maintenance manager and he installed the gutter flow into box gutter rain heads. It works really well and he now doesn’t have overflow issues into the roof space causing leaks into the facility.

Uniting AgeWell likes our process, as do other property management businesses. We provide them with the information they need to make their work a lot easier.

Do you have a commercial property that needs gutter cleaning? Check out the website, we also do solar panels, pressure cleaning, bird proofing, etc. If there is a job not listed just ask, we could be able to help.

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