Orange Real Estate Agents and Commercial Clients are using Gutter-Vac Central West NSW for all their Gutter Cleaning Contracts and Here is Why –

Our commercial clients and real estates are using Gutter-Vac for their gutter cleaning service because we vacuum clean the gutters and down pipes creating no further plumbing issues. We remove all the debris from the property leaving the residents happy. We provide before and after photos which our real estate clients can forward onto the property owners. We provide a roof and gutter report outlying the condition of the roof and gutters. We also can place the property onto a maintenance program, which takes the headache away from our commercial clients following up and booking properties in, instead we just let them know if the property is due for a clean. All our technicians are safety trained with Working at Heights.

Investment properties are valuable assets so it’s important to ensure that all aspects of that investment is covered and having your gutters cleaned and maintained regularly is important because if the property falls into disrepair the property loses market value! And that’s not the news that the investment/owner wants to hear! Insurance companies are also asking proof of regular roof maintenance for some insurance claims relating to roof and water damage.

Finding the right people to help maintain these properties should be the real estate and commercial client’s main responsibility, so with Gutter-Vac Central West NSW we can help do this, as we will keep a record of when the property was cleaned last and also when we should call past for a regular inspection! This allows real estate agents and our body corporate managers to relax as they can choose to enter into a maintenance program and we inspect the property every 3,6 or 12 months and work out an individual maintenance program for each property.

Gutter Vac Central West NSW has already developed a number of regular maintenance programs for unit blocks here in Orange, working in conjunction with property managers and body corperates.


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