Learn how Rod Bell made his first million as a Gutter-Vac franchisee

Interview with Rod Bell – Gutter-Vac Adelaide East, North East, Port Adelaide & Peninsula, SA

How did you make your first million?
It was my goal to be a self-funded retiree at a young age.

What did you do before Gutter-Vac?
When I was made redundant at my last job, I didn’t know what to do. I was confused. I had been doing that job for nine years… I was lost, but I knew there was something out there that I could utilise my set of life skills to become a success.

I looked into a few different business ventures, and I always get feedback from my wife; when I give her an idea she’ll either say yes or no. When I told her about the Gutter-Vac name, I could see a light bulb light up on top of her head.

She said, “I think that’s brilliant.”

How did you know Gutter-Vac was right for you?
We decided to shop the competition and that’s when we saw an opening for a professional gutter cleaning company here in Adelaide, and I knew that I could get wealthy from doing this business.

What was your first year like, and how long did it take your business to gain momentum?
At the very beginning from some heavy marketing, I received 30 no’s from a Government agency. I rang them 30 times. They said no, we’ve already got our gutter cleaners. On the 30th attempt, they said we will give you a go because we’re having issues with our current gutter cleaners.
From there that rolled on to growth every single year that I’ve been working with Gutter-Vac.

I would say perseverance, hard work, and a burning desire for success. I’ve been doing this for 14 years, and my wife and I are now in a position to become self-funded retirees from the Gutter-Vac name that we truly appreciate.

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