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Gutters Still Require Cleaning If There Are No Trees Nearby

Did you know that even with no trees in the vicinity you still need your gutters cleaned?

It might not be as frequent but they will collect debris that can be corrosive or that could cause blockages to occur, resulting in overflow issues.

Moss loves moist and shaded areas to grow. This is why it is prevalent in guttering. Depending on the exposure to sun that the gutters receive is how fast it will likely grow.

Birds and rodents can build nests. Again another issue for blockages.

Birds and wind carry grass seed that can find it’s way to the gutters. The grass can then germinate in the mossy silt found in the gutters. You don’t know it is there until it shows it’s wispy green blades and by then it is causing blockages. Depending on the height of your roof you may never see the grass and know that it is there.

Regular gutter cleaning does not have to mean annually. We have suggested to the property below that they get us back in three to four year to clean the below gutters. We have been to some properties that would be 10 year intervals.  The majority of homes would be annual, especially if you want to prolong the life of your gutters and get your moneys worth.

Gutter cleaning Lindisfarne
Four years worth of moss and dirt accumulated.

Maintenance is always better to keep on top of and cheaper than trying to fix damage after the fact.

Gum Trees – Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters?

“ I have a big eucalypt (that I love) which drops a lot of debris on my roof. I need to have the gutters cleaned every year and Gutter-Vac Tasmania does a fantastic job. I really like the before and after photos, and the condition report as I don’t go up on my roof. A great service.”

Jane, Lutana Tasmania

The Eucalypts, commonly known to us as a Gum Tree, has over 700 species that are found in our Australian forests, woodlands, shrublands and our urban cities. The only place you  will not find them is the most arid deserts. Most of the species is native to Australia and around three quarters of our forests are Eucalypt forests. These trees are resilient to bushfire and adapt and sprout following a bushfire. Their seed can also withstand a bushfire.

The Eucalyptus have bark that is either smooth, fibrous, hard or stringy. It adds a layer every year, shedding the outermost one in about half the species. The bark can shed in large slabs, ribbons or smaller pieces. The rest of the species retain the bark and it dries out and accumulates.

There are some tropical species that lose their leaves in the dry season but nearly all eucalyptus trees are evergreen, retaining the leaves throughout the year. There are four leaf phases in the development of the eucalypt plant: the seedling, juvenile, intermediate and adult phase. In the intermediate phase the leaf is at its most largest and links the juvenile and adult phase but there is no defined transitional point between any of the plants stages. Earlier it was stated, that these trees adapt. Adult leaves are shed for the sprouting of new leaves. This is their defense  mechanism against drier times. Whole branches can be dropped with no warning as the branch looks perfectly fine.

The flowers and fruit, commonly known as the gumnut, are the most identifiable features that identifies a eucalypt. The flowers are not your typical flower with petals. They have numerous fluffy stamens that present themselves when the in bloom.  These stamens are enclosed in the cap of the nut and come in a variety of colours when they bloom. When the adult foliage starts to appear seems to be when most of the species produce these gumnuts that open to these beautiful  native flowers.

We have identified that these Australian icons lose their bark, leaves and whole branches. Maintaining clean gutters when a eucalypt is nearby can be frustrating. There is a constant barrage of debris that fills the gutters and litters the roof.

Gutter cleaning Lutana

There are some bush areas of Hobart that if you live there you may need to consider cleaning your gutters two to three times a year  to prevent blockages and damage to the roof that rotting litter can cause.  

Gutter cleaning service Lutana

If you are concerned that the debris from gum trees near you are causing you issues, we can provide help. Our teams are trained at heights so we can get on the roof safely to remove the litter. At the completion of each job, we issue a report recommending a schedule of gutter cleans that would maintain the gutters and keep them free of debris to do  the job they are intended to do. Gutters are there to move rain water away from the house. They are not  debris catchers.

Let the professionals help you.

Got Issues With Pine Trees and Need Gutter Cleaning

Pine trees are wonderous giants. They smell fresh and provide bountiful shade. Their pine cones are delightful and fun to use in art and craft projects with the kids at Christmas time.


The debris and litter produced can be work for the home owner to keep under control. Pine needles mat the ground, roof and gutters. Regular gutter cleaning is a must when a pine is close to the house.

Gutter cleaning Margate
Fifteen months between gutter cleans

This property collects copious amounts of debris and they have solar panels which collects the needles under them, resulting in a fire hazard.

Installing gutter guard is going to be expensive to install. Depending on the style of guard you choose will determine the cost of each future gutter clean. The needles will get caught in whatever type of guard you install and then matting begins. The matting is thick and with heavy rains may not allow the water through to the guttering, resulting in overflow issues. There fore at the very least you are going to require cleaning the top of the gutter guard once or twice a year.

If you still have to clean the top of the guard why not save your installation money and clean the gutters two to three times a year with out guard. You will prolong the life of your guttering as the corrosive mater will not build up. Imagine how heavy the debris gets. Build-up in your gutter puts unnecessary strain on the guttering and could change the hang, there by not allowing the water to flow to the down pipe or push the gutter away from the house, causing it to fall off.

When debris is left to sit in the gutter rust occurs. If left it can cause holes.

Gutter cleaning Hobart

The following photos show the amount of debris in the gutters with a four month interval. They have decided to not install gutter guard and follow a four monthly gutter cleaning schedule.

Gutter cleaning Hobart

Gutter -Vac Tasmania has a maintenance program that sends a reminder to  the client every four months to get the go ahead to complete this scheduled clean. We do not complete a clean unless we have had confirmation from the client to do so.

Gutter cleaning service Hobart

So if you have these long living trees growing near you and you would like a quote or some advice on what plan of action you should take, please feel free to call on  1300 654 253 or send us an email at tasmania@guttervac.com.au.

Weather Conditions That Affect Gutter Cleaning

“Despite the appalling weather conditions Chris cleaned my roof and gutters and installed bird proofing. He was unable to complete job due to excessively windy conditions but arranged a return date. I am extremely happy with your service.”

Marie, Kingston Tasmania

Working out doors can be such a pleasure. We get to access all kinds of roofs and each roof provides us a different view. We are very fortunate to live in a city that offers different views depending where you are situated, be it on the water of the Derwent, facing Mt Wellington or overlooking the pastures of our beautiful countryside.

Working at heights is something we are all trained for at Gutter-Vac Tasmania. A factor we have to consider is the weather. This can be a major restriction in the work we do.

  • Rain – the roof is too slippery to walk on and we risk falling. If there is light showers about we can use our ground workers system but this depends on the amount of rain fall entering the gutters. It is pointless sucking up the water from full gutters as it creates issues with our specialised vacuum system. We call a rain day and go home. If we wake to rain, the day is usually called off unless the rain looks like it will clear and we can complete one or two jobs.
  • Wind – strong wind is just too dangerous to be on a roof period. Gusty wind is also dangerous, as it can catch the technician unawares.
  • Ice – we have been known to break ice in the gutters even in the middle of the day in some areas. Again, we would use our ground workers kit. But if we can’t get the ice broken to smaller pieces, it makes it difficult to suck into the vacuum.
  • Afternoon Dew – our technicians have to be aware of the lateness of the day and the sun going down when dew appears on the roof. They could be halfway around a roof when this happens so they need to be careful in their steps back to the ladder. It the roof is already a slippery one they need to make sure they are off the roof or use the ground kit before dew appears.
  • Snow and frosty conditions – when the morning presents itself with these conditions, there is nothing we can do but delay the beginning of the day.

We are the gutter cleaning professionals that will get the job done safely and if it is not possible on the day we will reschedule for another day. Safety is of paramount importance to Gutter-Vac Tasmania.

A Gutter Clean After Three Years in Lindisfarne

We recently attended a gutter clean that required us to remove the existing gutter guard and vacuum clean the gutter and then refit the guard.

It had been three years since the gutter had last had a clean on this property.

As this is a rental property, we send a reminder to the agent that it is due a gutter clean. They then contact the owner for approval. Once received a work order is provided and we complete the clean.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter Cleaning under Gutter Guard

The real estate then receives a report and before and after photos. This information can be filed and a portfolio can be created on the maintenance of each properties gutter cleaning.

We have had feedback from the real estate and property management managers that these reminders are very helpful in the process of each agents day to day  managing of properties.

Another Happy Bird Proofing Client in Hobart

“I’ve had problems with starlings nesting in wall cavities by getting in through the colourbond roof where it joins the gutter. My house is double storey and all the quotes from other companies involved erection of scaffolding to install their product which would have added thousands on to the quote. The Gutter Vac quote was less than half all other quotes including cleaning of gutters and installation of the gutter guard. The job was completed in about 3 and a half hours, just using a ladder. I got a report on the condition of the gutters with photos and the Gutter Vac guard product is easy to remove and replace for ongoing maintenance.”

Peter, Berriedale Tasmania

When the pitch of the roof is too steep for us to access, we use our ground workers system to clean gutters.

We can install gutter guard, as long as the ladder reaches the gutter. We use an outrigger stabiliser for the ladder which allows us access to the gutter without it leaning on the gutter. This makes the installation process much easier as the gutter is not being pushed in from the weight of the ladder.

We use a staymesh plastic gutter guard for easy removal when it is time for a gutter clean. It is cost effective at the time of installation and then on every gutter clean thereafter.

Installing fixed gutter guards is costly at installation and then can be as much as four times the cost of a gutter clean without guard when the time comes for a clean. On a job where one would work from a ladder, fixed guard would be considerably higher than this.

It really pays off to do the research and the maths of installation and future gutter cleans.

Make an informed decision.

Some things to consider in the equation are:

  • Are you going to be living at this property for the foreseeable future or is it only for the next few years?
  • How much for installation?
  • How much for future gutter cleans?
  • What would the period be in between gutter cleans?

Birds in the roof are very annoying, cause damage and fire hazards. Evicting them will give peace of mind and harmony back to the home owner.

Did You Know That at Gutter-Vac Tasmania We Clean Storm Water Pits and Drains

It is good to carry out a gutter clean and keep the gutters clear for the rain water runoff.

But have you ever considered where the water runs to?

Stormwater drains and pits.

Stormwater pits are designed to hold the water running into it long enough to allow it to drain off.

Dirt and mud can collect in the bottom of pits and then over time grass will grow in the nutrient rich soil. Or it becomes compacted and changes the depth of the pit therefore not  allowing enough time for the runoff to drain into the sewer system, causing overflowing of the pit.

Complications then occur and could cause blocked pipes underground as the water carries unnecessary soil and mud into the pipes.

These blockages could cause water to pool at the pit or drain and then flow where it is not wanted, under the house, next door, destroy your garden, etc.

Drains that run across the front of garages, at the bottom of a steep drive, will not catch the water flow if it is full of leaf and dirt. Regular cleaning will allow the water to be caught and there by not passing into the garage or the house beyond the drain.

Regular water flow to the base of buildings can compromise the foundations of your building.

Such a simple act of cleaning pits and drains can provide a flow on affect to reduce a catastrophic event.

Picture May 2019, when the rains came and brought such devastating floods.

We have such heavy rain falls here in Tasmania and maintaining your stormwater pits and drains will minimise the damage to your property.

So next time you are having your gutters cleaned, think about having the storm water pits and drains cleaned too and making it a part of your scheduled maintenance with us at Gutter-Vac Tasmania

Bird Proofing Gutters Safely

“A great decision on my part not to balance on a sliding ladder or frighten myself on a roof without safety equipment. It is a long way to the ground and Chris handled it confidently with ropes and roof anchor points, so nobody was at risk of taking a nose dive onto concrete. The photos prove it all, the gutters are really clean now and we won’t have any birds in our walls next season. This might be good information for all people with wood heaters. A house burnt down in the last week because of bird nests in the roof and wall space to close to a wood heater.”

Rowena, Glenorchy Tasmania

Birds are wonderful creatures.

They are so beautiful with their colours and their varieties.

Their song is a delight to be heard…


The noise of babies in the nest at all times of the day, especially at day break is very annoying.

The pests attract pests like bird lice and remain in the cavity in the nesting material.

The birds can fall down into the wall cavities and not be able to get themselves out, therefore dying there.

The nesting material is also flammable.

The comings and goings of birds and their perching on the gutters makes the gutters dirty. They do their business there and drop grass seeds and then you have grass sprouting.

Time to clean the gutters again….

By installing a gutter guard to close off your gutters to the birds you may find that you are not cleaning your gutters as often and the noise you often wake up to is gone forever.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Bird Proofing

But do remember that using fixed guard can increase a gutter clean up to four times as much.

So do your research and get prices on everything prior to installing gutter guard.

  • Price of a gutter clean
  • Price of plastic guard installed
  • Price of fixed guard installed
  • Price of gutter clean with these different types of guard installed

Work out how long in between cleans you need and divide the period into the last cost. Also take into consideration the cost of the initial install over the period you would likely be living in the home.

There is a lot to consider and we are here to help. If you would like a quote, it is as easy as a phone call away or click on the request a quote button and we will get back to you.

Full Gutters In May!

Have you noticed the leaf on the ground?

Autumn is finished and winter begins and the leaves are falling everywhere, creating a carpet of autumn colours to explode through.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter cleaning

It is time to consider the cleaning of your gutters.

You may not have trees nearby that cause this kind of debris in your gutters but wind carries and leaf and mud and moss can collect in the gutter.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter Cleaning in May

Regular gutter cleaning prolongs the life of your guttering, by removing the corrosive sludge.

Maintaining your gutters add value to your home and less damage is likely to occur from water if it is able to flow away freely in the gutters as intended.

Did you know that if water damage has occurred due to the gutters not being cleaned, some insurance companies will not pay out the claim? Always  read the fine print.

Don’t leave it until it is too late to clear away this autumn’s leaves.

Call in the professionals. We provide a free quote.

Phone 1300 654 253