Damage to solar panels uncovered with a routine gutter clean and solar panel clean

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Discovering damage to solar panels while performing routine maintenance, like gutter cleaning, can be concerning. It’s essential to assess the extent of the damage and take appropriate action, especially when you have to clean the solar panels as part of the maintenance. Here are steps you might consider:

Document the damage
Take photos or videos of the damage. Note the specifics, like cracks, scratches, or any visible issues.

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

Contact the solar panel installer/manufacturer
Reach out to the company that installed the panels or the manufacturer. They might have specific guidelines or warranties that cover such damage.

Assess the impact on performance
Determine if the damage affects the solar panels’ efficiency. Minor scratches might not significantly impact performance, but cracks or serious damage could.

Temporary measures
If the damage seems significant, take steps to mitigate further harm, such as covering the affected area temporarily or disconnecting the panels from the system to prevent electrical issues. Do not clean the panels until the system is fixed and back up and running.

Professional inspection
Consider having a professional solar panel technician inspect the damage to provide a detailed assessment and potential repair options.

Insurance coverage
Check your insurance policy to see if it covers accidental damage to solar panels.

Preventive measures
When conducting maintenance tasks in the future, take extra care around the solar panels to avoid accidental damage.

Remember, safety is crucial when dealing with electrical equipment like solar panels. If there’s any doubt about your ability to handle the situation safely, it’s best to involve professionals. Give Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania a call today on 1300 654 253.

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