Sandy Bay gutter cleaning customer already booked for next time

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

“Operator arrived on time, was professional and very thorough during the whole process of the clean. A complete assessment including before and after photos were sent to us with the invoice. Thoroughly recommend Gutter-Vac and we have already scheduled our next clean.”

Debra of Sandy Bay, Tasmania

Did you know that we send out a roof report and before and after photos with every completed job?

Feedback like Debra’s serves as a testament that our hard work isn’t going unnoticed. Thank you for such kind words, we are excited to see you again next time.

Our team lets our customers know how often they should be having their gutters cleaned. We offer a reminder service where we send out reminders to our customers based on the frequency we have recommended in the past or that the client has set themselves.

Customers often aren’t aware of how much debris is actually in their gutters. That’s why the before and after photos are so great. They demonstrate how important it is to get regular cleans because the build-up of debris can do some real damage.

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