What’s the difference between a box gutter and an eave gutter?

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What is a box gutter?

A box gutter drains the water and debris away through a downpipe or rain head that have downpipes built in. The main job is to channel water from the roof of the building to ensure free flow. Box gutters are usually rectangular in shape. They are concealed from the outside. A well-built box gutter will have a flat base with an outlet and depending on the length there could be more than one.

Example of a box gutter that has collected a large amount of debris which is a potential blockage issue if left uncleaned.

What is an eave gutter?

Normal guttering that is found on most residential buildings is also known as eave gutters. An eave gutter is guttering that is fixed to a fascia or eave to catch water running off the roof. It also collects debris, which is why it is important to have a gutter clean. The debris is corrosive and can cause damage when left to collect. The brackets that attach to the fascia/roof ensure they can hold enough weight but when the build-up of debris is too much, the gutter could sag and deteriorate, or come completely away from the house. The brackets either sit on the underside or inside of the gutter.

Before and after of an eave gutter clean in West Hobart.

How do they differ?

Box gutters are concealed from visibility when looking at the outside of the building whereas a normal gutter is visible on the outside of a building. Box gutters are fixed within the buildings structure and therefore are likely to be weight baring if wide enough. Normal gutters are attached to the perimeter of the roof and are not weight baring. Box gutters are most found on commercial buildings. However, they can be found on residential properties for cosmetic or architectural purposes.

It is important to keep your gutters free of debris no matter what kind of guttering you have. This can prolong the life of your gutters and keep them free of blockages. Gutter-Vac can clean any type of guttering you have. Why not give us a call or submit a Quote Request for a free quote today.

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