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South Hobart Gutter Clean

Do your gutters look like this?

If they are, they are not doing their job of removing the water.

Constant rain will soak into the grass and  move slowly through. The grass will become spongey and as you know once a sponge if full it can not soak up any more water.

Where does this water end up? It will either flow over the gutter causing overflow issues or it can flow back into the eaves and ceiling cavity.

Either of these situations are not a good position to be in.  This grassy mass will aid in the rusting process of your gutter if left to sit over a long period of time.

Regular gutter cleaning will definitely prolong the life of your gutters and improve on the look of your property. The water will flow where it should  and you have prevented any undesirable issues occurring.

Prevention is much better than the cure. Set a maintenance plan in motion and have us remind you when the next gutter cleaning is due.

Call us today to see how we can help you keep your gutters clean, PH 1300 654 253.

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