The Kingborough Chronicle ran the following article for Fire Awareness Week

Gutter Clean Devonport

Chris and Therese from Gutter-Vac Tasmania

recommend homes in bushfire-prone areas have

roof gutters professionally cleaned before summer


“Debris in gutters acts as kindling for embers to start

house fires,” said Chris and Therese.

“You don’t want full gutters when fires are on the horizon.

“Just because we’ve had a wet winter, we can’t be


“Leaves become tinder-dry over summer.”

Bushfire and Natural Hazards, Cooperative Research

Centre CEO Dr Richard Thornton is quoted in an ABC

news article advising the public that “any day in an

environment where it is dry, where you have high winds,

warmer temperatures, low humidity, will be a day that a

fire can start that could potentially impact on communities”.

“As we head through spring, become proactive in

preparing for bush fire season,” recommend Chris and


Fire authorities recommend gutters are cleaned regularly

to help protect properties and reduce the spread of fire.

“Residents who live in high-risk areas are urged to put

together a fire plan and take practical steps around the

home,” said Chris and Therese.

“Scarily, 90 per cent of homes in a bushfire are lost

due to an ember attack, whereby spot fires are ignited

by twigs, leaves or bark embers carried by the wind.

“These embers can land in a home’s guttering and

ignite the property.

“Vacuum cleaning your gutters prior to bushfire season

will ensure that this flammable fuel is removed and

your property is safer.

“It is a busy time for gutter cleaning, so book early and

get the job done.”

Be proactive and call the gutter cleaning specialists on


Fire Awarness

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