Did You Know That at Gutter-Vac Tasmania We Clean Storm Water Pits and Drains

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Storm Water Pit Cleaning

It is good to carry out a gutter clean and keep the gutters clear for the rain water runoff.

But have you ever considered where the water runs to?

Stormwater drains and pits.

Stormwater pits are designed to hold the water running into it long enough to allow it to drain off.

Dirt and mud can collect in the bottom of pits and then over time grass will grow in the nutrient rich soil. Or it becomes compacted and changes the depth of the pit therefore not  allowing enough time for the runoff to drain into the sewer system, causing overflowing of the pit.

Complications then occur and could cause blocked pipes underground as the water carries unnecessary soil and mud into the pipes.

These blockages could cause water to pool at the pit or drain and then flow where it is not wanted, under the house, next door, destroy your garden, etc.

Drains that run across the front of garages, at the bottom of a steep drive, will not catch the water flow if it is full of leaf and dirt. Regular cleaning will allow the water to be caught and there by not passing into the garage or the house beyond the drain.

Regular water flow to the base of buildings can compromise the foundations of your building.

Such a simple act of cleaning pits and drains can provide a flow on affect to reduce a catastrophic event.

Picture May 2019, when the rains came and brought such devastating floods.

We have such heavy rain falls here in Tasmania and maintaining your stormwater pits and drains will minimise the damage to your property.

So next time you are having your gutters cleaned, think about having the storm water pits and drains cleaned too and making it a part of your scheduled maintenance with us at Gutter-Vac Tasmania

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