Before and After Photos of Gutter Cleaning Are Great For Property Managers

“Fantastic job, great to have before and after photos supplied, especially being a Property Manager, they were extremely efficient to deal with.”

Abby at PRD Nationwide Hobart

Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania provide gutter cleaning to residential and commercial properties. Every job completed receives before and after photos and a report detailing the work completed.

Residential customers can use this as proof of maintenance to their properties. This can be handy for insurance purposes. Commercial clients can use the information to manage their portfolios. The owners of the properties can see the work completed. They can then use the report to liaise with the real estate for further required maintenance.

We use a maintenance program that emails a reminder to clients when a gutter clean is due. The process is simple. An email is sent for approval of the gutter clean. Once accepted the work is scheduled. The following business day an invoice, report, and photos are emailed to the respective person. The maintenance program is set for the next gutter clean reminder.

Communication between clients, property managers, and tenants are coordinated by our office staff and technicians. We endeavour to keep everyone informed to make the process efficient and completed in a timely manner.

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