What is Growing in Your Gutter?


Can you see grass growing from your gutter?

This is a sure fire way to know that your gutters need cleaning.

But what if you don’t have grass? Does that mean your gutters are clean?

Moss and sludge collect in the gutters, especially in winter when the weather is cooler and damper.


Leaves and other debris can blow in from neighbouring trees or your own and you may not know they are there until you have a blockage. By then it is too late.

Do you have gutter guard? Never have to clean it again?


Just have a look at the moss growing under this guard.


Even though you may not be able to see that you need your gutters cleaning, it may be worth while having a yearly maintenance plan in place to make sure this is done. Your Gutter-Vac specialist can help you vacuum clean your gutters and give you advice on the regularity of your gutter cleaning.

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