Regular Gutter Cleaning Required With Trees Near Your Property.

Gutter cleaning Service

Do you have silver birch trees, oak trees, pines or gum trees near you?

You will need to clean your gutter regularly.

The leaf matter is blown into the gutters. Then add water and sun and it is a recipe for the best mulch.

The birds and wind drop grass seeds into the gutter and voilà, we have grass in the gutter. If left to grow, the clumps of grass can cause blockages or water ingress to the roof cavity. This sludge that is created also becomes corrosive and over time will see the joins and gutters start to rust.

The seeds and pods along with the leaf fill the gutters and again make a beautiful environment for grass and plants to grow. When vacuum cleaning this matter, we get blockages in our hose due to the size of pods and the depth of debris. Image how hard it would be for water to run through this. The gutter is just not doing its job and then overflows occur or worse still, you end up with blockages in the down pipes.

Blockages in down pipes can be an expensive exercise to clear, especially if left and become blocked under ground.

Gutter-Vac Tasmania can add you to the program and remind you when it is time to clean your gutters. You have complete control and there is no obligation. We email or phone you when your gutter clean is due and you can either say “Yes” or “No, call back another time”. We recommend a time frame for your gutter clean but it is up to you, as the customer, to tell us what period you require.

So if you have the trees near your property, why not get Gutter-Vac Tasmania to regularly maintain your gutters and let the gutters do the job they were intended for….allowing water to run freely from you roof. You will also be prolonging the life of your gutter by removing the corrosive sludge that deteriorates the gutter over time.

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