Now Is The Time To Be Preparing For Summer…Get a Gutter Clean

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Bush Fire Awareness

As the weather starts to get warmer, the leave litter dries out. If you have debris in your gutters then you have a fire hazard.

The above photo was taken by one of our technicians at Electrona, this week, when he was completing a gutter cleaning service. It was just across the highway in the bushy scrub.

He was on the roof, vacuum cleaning the gutters, when the smoke became too thick at a two storey height. He continued the gutter clean with our ground working system.

The technician also made mention of the embers flying around in the air. One small ember that lands on some dry debris in your gutter could easily ignite.

Don’t get caught at the last minute to have your gutters cleaned. This is a very busy season. To ensure that your work is carried out before the threat of fire or ember attack, make an appointment today.

Ph: 1300 654 253 or send an enquiry now.

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