Gutter Cleaning, Even When There Are NO Trees

Gutter Cleaning

Just because you don’t have trees in the area where you live, does not mean you do not need regular gutter cleaning.

Debris still builds up, such as moss and sludge. If your house is in shadow for most of winter then chances are you have moss growing. What leaf if blown into the gutter can not blow away as it gets caught in the wet moss.

Birds fly overhead or roost on your roof. They drop grass seeds in their faeces and then you get a nice garden growing in this nutritionally rich environment. Or the wind blows the grass seed your way. And lets face it we have certain periods here in Tasmania that is very windy.

Maintaining your gutters will prolong their life. You may not need a gutter clean every year or you may have a moss problem that needs cleaning every year. We can advise you at the time of your gutter clean and send you a reminder for the designated time you choose.

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