Can You Keep on Top of Your Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter Cleaning Service

We have a customer in Devonport whose gutters were that full all the time that he tried to clean them himself every month when he thought about it. Sometimes it would go six months and it would be a huge job for him to get the gutter debris under control. Hand cleaning the gutters was time consuming and just not getting the job finished, there was always some debris left behind. Not to mention the amount rubbish collected that had to be disposed of.

Finally, he called Gutter-Vac Tasmania to advise him. We have put his property on a six-monthly schedule. He doesn’t have to worry about ever cleaning the gutters again. We remind him when each clean is due, he gets photos and a report each time and we leave the property looking clean and tidy, taking all the debris with us.

‘Sensational result, the gutters have never been so clean. We used to spend hours hand cleaning gutters, we will never do this again. We have gutter Vac booked in every 6 months’, Dion of Devonport says this about his gutter cleaning service.

May 2018 – First Vacuum gutter clean after a six-month hand clean by the property owner

Gutter Cleaning Service                         Gutter Cleaning Service

November 2018 – Six months later after a vacuum gutter clean

Gutter Cleaning Service                         Gutter Cleaning Service

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