Storm season is approaching in Queensland

Have you noticed that the weather each year is changing and in fact seems to becoming more severe every season.  It is around this time of year that we start cleaning gutters, particularly in Queensland, in preparation for storm season.

With heavy downpours of rain, along with the usual hail and thunder storms, it doesn’t take a lot of debris in your gutters to cause serious damage.  When we think of damage in storm season, we generally think about trees falling, roofs being lifted off and power lines coming down.  The challenge is that it can often be something far simpler that causes the most damage.

With debris in your gutters, all it can take is a single storm to cause a blockage in your gutters and hence the drainage of water hitting your roof leaving the water with nowhere to go.  In the end, there is really only two ways for the water to go – over the edge of the gutter or back into your ceiling.  It is of course the second of these two scenarios that causes the most issues and of course the most damage.

The news reports on the big, exciting damage of trees crushing roofs, but they generally don’t report on the people who have ceilings collapse from the water damage or the water that runs down the internal walls of your home.

Although we can’t prevent all damage during a storm, we can certainly make sure you are prepared with clean gutters, free of debris, sludge and blockages so that when that big storm does hit, at least you know that your gutters will work at removing all that excess water rather than it ending up in your ceiling.

If your gutters need to be cleaned, give us a call on1300 654 253.

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