It’s almost Easter time!

 I know it seems a touch weird that I’m letting you know that it is almost Easter time and you are probably wondering what on earth would Easter have to do with gutter cleaning, but in our business, Easter is a very busy time of the year!

Easter brings with it the end of the first school term and the first holidays before the winter months come.  School holidays are a hive of activity because this is the time that schools can carry out all those maintenance tasks that need to be done without any disruption to classes or ensuring their students safety.  This is the time that our franchisees are busy with all of their school clients!

Across Australia, the majority of schools have a policy of not allowing their maintenance staff to go onto their roof of their buildings or working at heights and this is a great policy.  This is why the Gutter-Vac franchisees are in such demand at this time.  It is the time for schools to have their gutters vacuum cleaned (for maximum effectiveness and efficiency) before the winter months to ensure that whilst the school term is in action, they are not requiring trades to come in and fix blocked or overflowing gutters.

Schools are excellent at maintaining their buildings and this is why they come to us at Gutter-Vac because they know we will get the job done for them.  As a side note, we also retrieve all of those lost soccer balls, handballs, footballs, basketballs, hats and all other manner of things that have ended up on top of their buildings!

So as the Easter break is fast approaching, if you haven’t yet organised your pre-winter gutter clean, then call 1300 654 253 to organise a no-obligation quote or to simply book in your vacuum gutter clean with a Gutter-Vac franchisee.

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