Gutter Cleaning Myths & Misconceptions

  1. I can clean my gutters myself

Cleaning your gutters yourself is never a good idea. Between 2001 and 2012, there were at least 276 deaths in Australia from ladder falls, with most them occurring around the home. Injuries from ladder falls can be life-altering for both the injured person and their family, so it is just not worth the risk. The job you can do yourself by hand will never be as effective as specialised vacuum equipment anyway.

  1. My gardener can clean my gutters for me

While everyone might be physically capable of cleaning gutters, it doesn’t mean that everybody can do a good job. It’s not your gardener’s specialty, and he doesn’t have the powerful specialised equipment that our Gutter-Vac technicians use. Gutter-Vac employs powerful vacuums with custom-built attachments that remove debris more effectively than any other cleaning method. The other issue is that your local gardener or handyman most likely does not use any safety equipment.

  1. It doesn’t matter, my insurance will cover it if something goes wrong

Did you know that you could be inadvertently voiding your home insurance if your gutters and downpipes are blocked? In the event that something goes wrong, you may not be protected if your gutters haven’t been maintained. The benefit of having your gutters professionally cleaned is that in the case of disaster, you will have evidence of being proactive.

  1. I don’t need to get my gutters cleaned, I have gutter guard

Even with gutter guard installed, it is still important to have your gutters cleaned regularly. While gutter guards block large debris, they do not stop dirt and dust from getting into gutters. Over time, dirt and dust turns into a corrosive sludge that can block your gutters and downpipes. They also attract pests and vermin, as gutter guards provide a protected, food-rich environment for them to breed.

  1. Hiring a professional is being lazy

Australians spend approximately 130 hours per year doing work around the home. That’s a lot of time lost when you could be doing something better. It’s not lazy to bring in a trained professional to help out and cut down those hours. Wouldn’t it be better to spend more time enjoying your home than looking after it?

  1. Blocked gutters are a cosmetic problem that can be ignored

 While clean gutters can definitely improve the appearance of your home, they can also protect your home from serious damage. In the event of severe weather, or a bushfire, clogged gutters put your home at serious risk.

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