I’m very proud to announce that Gutter-Vac has just been awarded the #2 position in Overall Franchise Category in the TopFranchise.com awards.

When I began Gutter-Vac 20 years ago, it was because I hated having to clean gutters out by hand when I was running my plumbing business.  It is a dirty and time consuming job and I just figured there had to be a better way.  That is when I started working on creating our specialised wet/dry vacuum system that we have today.

When I started building that vacuum system to clean gutters, I didn’t have the thought this would make a good franchise.  It was only after operating the Gutter-Vac business alongside my plumbing business that I soon realised the potential of this becoming a business I could share with others so that they too could work for themselves and provide for their families, just as I was doing.

I can’t say it has exactly been smooth sailing in the last 20 years.  It has taken a lot of work to get to where we are.  Helping individuals get started in their own business, understanding the technical work of Gutter-Vac, but also the business work of running a small business is not easy.  There was a few times I did wonder if we could make it.  That whole GFC period was really tough, I’m not going to lie, but we made it because we kept focusing on what we did great.  We have learnt a lot in the process and still today, I continue to look for ways for us to improve in our service to our customers and also to our franchisees.

To be awarded the #2 franchise in the overall category and then also be the #1 home services franchise, I write this with just a little bit of amazement that a plumber from Bundaberg that was sick and tired of getting dirty and hot cleaning out gutters by hand could 20 years later have a franchise business with over 68 territories in Australia and about to launch in the USA that helps not only our customers with our exceptional service, but to also help so many great people (our franchisees) have their own successful business.

So this blog is not here to brag today about how good we are for being awarded the #2 franchise in Australia, it is to acknowledge all those that have been with us on the journey to #2 in our 20th year and to just show you that anything is possible with hard work, determination and a passion to show real customer service.

Thanks to everyone!

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