Why vacuum when cleaning your gutters?

What is the difference between vacuum cleaning your gutters, cleaning them by hand or simply ‘blowing off/out’ your gutters?

There is a big difference and it is not just about efficiency, it is about the effectiveness of the job.

Firstly, understand that in gutters there is not only just leafy matter, there is often moss, lichen and at the bottom of your gutter, when all of this debris breaks down, you are left with a mud like sludge.

When cleaning by hand, you will never completely get this sludge removed from the gutters.  You can get the leafy matter, but not the sludge on the bottom.  It is hard work and takes a LONG time to do.  If you have a big gutter system, or multiple buildings, then it can take weeks to get the gutters cleaned.  The other big issue, it is MESSY.  A bucket is not enough to take away the debris and often the contents of your gutter are simply thrown down into your garden, but on their way, the mud and sludge is splattered over your lovely clean walls.  Add to this, hand cleaning is done from a ladder which is really an unsafe working method.

Using a ‘blower’ to simply blow out the debris again is ineffective when it comes to the sludge in the bottom of your gutters.  Plus it blows the debris everywhere!  Causing unsightly dirt and mud to blow onto your home.  The other thing to be away of is that when blowing leaves, you will often blow leaves up over the gutter edge INTO your ceiling cavity, into the roof!  They get caught up in under the roof line, dry out and form the perfect fuel for a fire or for vermin to feast on.  There is a whole set of new issues to deal with.

When vacuum cleaning your gutters we can not only ‘suck’ everything up for you, but we take away all the debris, leaving your house clean.  No unsightly mess.  We can get big jobs done faster which is essential for our commercial customers so that they reduce the time that they have to have barriers or diversions on the ground away from where we are working for their onsite OH&S policies.  Vacuum gutter cleaning is effective and efficient.

So next time you are considering getting your gutters cleaned, just think about what is safety worth to you, do you want the job done right first time, done efficiently and also no mess left behind?  If that’s a yes, give us a call on 1300 654 253 to connect with your local Gutter-Vac owner/operator.

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