Why Lifestyle Villages Love working with Gutter-Vac.

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Why Lifestyle Villages Love working with Gutter-Vac.

We have lifestyle villages and retirement villages popping up all over Australia.  You know the small  communities of villas that are for those aged 50+.  A bit like a gated community, but often without the gates, but often with facilities such as a meeting hall, pool, work sheds and caravan parking.

These villages are generally managed by an onsite manager and work much the same as a body corporate where all the residents pay an additional weekly/monthly fee to have the exteriors of their properties, plus gardens, roads and common areas and facilities maintained.

There are a couple of reasons why Lifestyle and retirement villages love working with us at Gutter-Vac.

  • We work safely. 

All our franchisees and their staff are trained and insured to work at heights.  On properties such as lifestyle villages or retirement homes, it is absolutely essential for safety trained and insurance as they are commercial villages and no one can take the risk.

  • It stops residents DIY’ing

When we come regularly, it stops any of the residents, who are all starting to move into their senior years, from deciding to grab a ladder and do it themselves, potentially risking a fall that could be absolutely detrimental to their health.  It really could result in an extremely serious injury, but if the residents know we come regularly, they will leave this alone.

  • We are fast and finish the job!

You might wonder why this is important to a lifestyle or retirement village.  Having people onsite can cause a number of issues including blocking driveways and narrow roads that are within the village.  Access in and out of areas and generally just having work people on site can be a little uncomfortable for those more senior residents.  The one that the managers always tell us is that we actually finish the job!  It seems crazy right, but the number of villages that have told us that a crew came to hand clean the properties and after 3 weeks just left and never came back, not finishing the job, is unreal.  So many villas and properties to do, you need to work hard, fast and get the job done – well!

  • Before and After photos plus roof reports

Because they are managing the properties, having evidence on hand for the workmanship we have been paid for, helps the managers.  Plus it is a great tool to see what has been done.  The other thing is that we provide feedback on any issues or potential issues we may find on the roofs where their regular on site maintenance and gardening crews are not permitted to work.

  • We can do more than Gutter cleaning!

Whilst on the roof we can clean solar panels that will increase their efficiency as most lifestyle and retirement villages are built with solar panels.  We can do pressure cleaning and mould and lichen removal.  This is especially important not just for the appearance of the properties, but especially important in common areas and surfaces to make sure there are not any slippery surfaces that are very unsafe for the retired residents.

  • We are show respect to the residents.

This may seem like common sense, but you would be amazed at how trades people treat the retired and senior residents in lifestyle and retirement villages.  We always let them know in advance we are coming.  We do a courteous knock on everyone’s door so if they need to move a vehicle they can or to simply let them know that if they hear noise on their roof, it is just us and we also let them know how long we will be.

There is a downside to this one… well not really a downside, but we do need to manage it.  We get offered a lot of cups of tea and lots of biscuits, cakes and our favourite… lamingtons!  Some of our franchisees have been known to tell all the residents that at 4pm they will knock off and that’s when they are allowed to eat and have a cuppa with them!  Taking a little time to say hello and speak to a resident doesn’t take much effort from us, but they certainly pass the word to the managers that they love those ‘nice young men/women’ from Gutter-Vac ! 

It is not only lifestyle and retirement villages that love what we can do for them, but also body corporates and any property manager that has to balance getting the work done with the residents on site. 

If you manage a property like this or if you have a Mum or Dad living in a lifestyle village or retirement village/home, then pass on our details.  We would be more than happy to give them a free quote…. And maybe have a cuppa and a lamington too!

www.guttervac.com.au or 1300 654 253