Schools out for Easter.

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is not just the time of year that the Easter Bunny comes to leave yummy chocolate Easter eggs and we all eat a million hot cross buns, it is the time that Gutter-Vac franchisees are out and about vacuum cleaning gutters at schools!

It is at this time of year that schools get their ‘big’ gutter clean done around the school properties.  It simply makes sense to clean the gutters whilst the kids are not at school.  Saves on safety issues and blocking areas where the kids can go.  Schools use the school holidays to get all of their regular maintenance done as it speeds up the process for all not having kids running around!

The other reason Easter is a prime time for schools is that they know they need to have their gutters cleaned before entering winter.  Blockages in gutters can be costly in not only water damage to properties, but also in class schedules.  Water overflowing from gutters can cause serious safety issues with kids running around – we don’t want them slipping in water – so schools know this is a great time to be prepared for winter.

Good thing we have lots of schools to do their gutter cleans on, it makes all our Easter Egg and Hot Cross Bun eating a calorie neutral event!  We work it off 🙂

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