Cleaning gutters on multi-storey buildings. How we do it …

Every day we come across different types of properties where we need to access the gutters so that we can vacuum clean them.  Some properties are new, some are old (even heritage listed), some are commercial and some are domestic homes.  They come in all different shapes and sizes…. And heights!

Working on the roof safely is our number one priority so there are all sorts of ways we can access the roof to your gutters cleaned.

Some properties is it simple as using a ladder to access the roof.  Not only do we secure our ladders before climbing up, we also have a variety of ladder types and sizes.  Not just like a standard domestic use ladder, we have ladders that can be used in all situations and some come with ‘add ons’ such as different feet to make sure our ladder is stable.  We can even use the big grand daddies of ladders that are 3+ metres! 

Depending on the roof and property, sometimes we can access a property from one location and then use our remote drum system to move along the length of the roof, without having to get off the roof to reposition our machinery.  Think like a property on a hill side that is one story at the street level (so easy for us to access), but the back of the property is at least 3 storey’s above a cliff edge with no access. 

We can also use multiple ladders to access from the ground to roof and then use a second ladder to grow from roof to roof levels.   Think about a split level property.

For large commercial jobs (we even do buildings like aircraft hangers and multi-story buildings) we may need to get an elevated work platform like a cherry picker or a scissor lift.  We even organise this for you, so don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Some roofs are simply too dangerous to be on, no matter how well trained you are or how good your safety gear is and in those case, we have a ground worker’s kit that we can use to access the gutters to vacuum clean – all from the ground. We can do up to 3 storey’s high using this method.  It also comes in handy for those little roofs you can’t get on even though they are not even a story high like a garden shed or patio.

So if you have a property that you thought was simply ‘too big’ or ‘too high’ to have the gutters cleaned then give us a call because with our 20+ years of experience, we know all the ways to get the gutters cleaned…. Safely!

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