Cleaning Gutters for Lifestyle Villages

Have you noticed how many lifestyle villages are popping up all over Australia? 

These little communities are often for just the over 50’s who want to downsize and live in a smaller community (no matter how big the greater city is).  They don’t need care as in medical care, but they do realise they are getting older and want to live independently, but not without a community to keep an eye out for them.

Enter the lifestyle village.  Not a retirement home or an aged care facility.

All the residents own their own properties, but generally they are paying what would be considered a body corporate fee to the managers of the village to take care of all the external items of their home.  Mowing of lawns, fixing of outside gates, fences, solar panels and gutter cleaning!

The residence need not worry about getting their gutters cleaned on what is usually a small villa in the village.  The managers organise this and that’s where Gutter-Vac enters.

Because we can effectively and efficiently vacuum clean the gutters, we are fully safety trained and insured to work at heights, we are popular amongst lifestyle village managers.

They like that we can get the work done fast, but more importantly, they like that we are respectful to the residents and will stop and have a chat for a moment.  In fact, our biggest problem is that they continue to try and feed us and give us cups of tea all the way around.  Not that you see us complaining when handed a yummy scone with jam and cream or a freshly baked lamington!

But more importantly, we are able to get the gutters cleaned in a safe way so that the residents do not have to attempt to do this themselves and in fact, they don’t even have to organise it!

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