The Leaves in the Valley Need Attention Even When There is Gutter Guard

Gutter Clean Hobart

Do you have gutter guard in your gutters? You may think no cleaning is required.

However, this is not true. Your valleys still need to be cleaned as they can fill up and create blockages or water ingress. As you can see in the picture, this valley needs to be cleaned. If left, the leaves will break down and sit in the valley and broken down mater will fall through the gutter guard in the corner, causing the material to act like a damn and become a blocking point. 

Some gutters end up with debris sitting on top of the guard. This should be cleaned as it will break down may fall through the holes in the gutter guard. A build-up of this material will be the perfect environment for grass seeds to grow. The wind and birds carry the seed, grass grows and then you have blockages and overflow issues.

Gutter guard can be very helpful in maintaining blockage free gutters when used in conjunction with regular gutter cleaning. Weighing up the expense of gutter guard plus regular gutter cleaning as opposed to just more frequent gutter cleaning should always be considered. When your gutters are cleaned regularly, you could expect a longer lifespan.

You should consider how heavy the leaf and debris is and are you going to incur any blockage or overflow issues in between cleans? Another consideration is the type of debris. Will it fall through the holes of the gutter guard more readily?

We can help you work out a plan of action for your gutter cleaning maintenance. We provide free quotes and a scheduling plan for reminders of gutter cleaning. There is no obligation for these cleans, it is purely to help our customers stay on track.

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