This Is What Julie From Hobart Has To Say About Gutter Guard

“Chris and Therese quote and doing the cleaning of the gutters is impeccable, I recommend them to anyone who need gutters cleaned or talk with them before you install any other sort of gutter guard.  Thank you for a great job done.” -Julie, Hobart.

Unfortunately, Julie was sold permanently fixed metal guard and not told that she would have to have her gutters cleaned. She, like most other people I talk to, was under the impression that once the gutter guard is installed, she could forget and not worry about the build-up of leaves ever again.

And forget she did, until one day she saw the garden growing from her gutters. Having a metal or fixed gutter guard installed will add up to four times the price of a normal gutter clean. For example, we charge $220 for the average size three bedroom home to vacuum clean the gutters. When these fixed gutter guards are present you could pay as much as $880 to have the gutter guard removed, vacuum clean the gutter and then reinstall the gutter guard.

Julie got us in to clean her gutters and made the decision to remove the gutter guard and have us clean her gutters on an annual basis. She realized that she would get four years gutter cleaning and clean gutters for the price of one year if she were to reinstall the gutter guard.

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