No Tiger Stripes from Gutter-Vac Cairns

They say if you do a good job people will tell one person , but if you do a bad job, they tell everyone they know! It’s the sad truth, that we don’t tell people enough when they do a great job, we should make an effort to give praise when due. And I guess the opposite is necessary as well. If the job is very average to bad, people need to know, cause all too often you get caught out. Fortunately Gutter-Vac Cairns do not have to worry about bad wraps…cause we don’t get them 🙂

We recently did a job and recieved an email the same day, and I have asked permission to add this part to my blog…it makes me feel great (although it’s about Tim)

“Please pass on our many thanks to Tim, he did such an exceptional job that the result was higher then our expectations!!  We also really appreciate the extra work done that was only requested on the day. Tim is very professional, and we won’t hesitate in recommending you guys, or contacting you in the future.” Romanne

So recommend away Romanne. Tim and I are very proud of the job we do..every time. Whether it be pressure cleaning, gutter cleaning or cavity cleaning…it’s always a job well done.

Quite often when quoting large complexes  we quietly snicker at the tiger stripes left on the concrete by the previous pressure cleaners. Yep, you know them, we’ve all seen them. Our Gutter-Vac operators will never leave a site, unless our site supervisor, generally Tim has given the job the thumbs up, and as you can see from my blogs, his work ethics are exceptional.

So if you want the job done safely and effectlively and in a timely manner give us a call and our reliable and experienced Gutter-Vac operators will oblige…no tiger stripes from us 🙂

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